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Committed, well-trained employees contribute decisively to the success of a company. We succeeded in building a strong team, which can keep pace with the rapid technological change and challenges of the semiconductor industry. Training and education programs continuously enhance the competencies and skills of our workforce. Everyone helps to sustainably strengthen Freiberger’s competitiveness and keep us at the forefront of technology development.

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Innovative, passionate and entrepreneurial employees are key success factors to ensure the success of our company in the long-term. The daily work of our HR department is shaped by appreciation and recognition.

Thomas Feldengut, Human Resources

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Rapid change and global trends determine our everyday life. Modern media which became indispensable impose high requirements on new technologies and materials. Our wafers „Made in Freiberg“ shall be synonym and guarantor for future-oriented material solutions.

The most valuable asset of the company is our employees. Their commitment and devotedness contribute to our and our customers’ success. They carry decision-making responsibility, create and execute processes with the aim to meet customer requirements, quality standards and delivery schedules. Our employees provide the basis for growth and prosperity of our business. It is for that reason that they are always in the focus of the management who supports and promotes their creativity, motivation and customer dedication.

Appreciation and recognition of each individual employee are deeply rooted in our value landscape, compliance with health and safety protection provisions as ethic basis are an integral part of the production processes.

Everyone is entitled to fair treatment, politeness and respect. Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. These principles apply at all times and in all cases.

 Hans Christoph von Rohr, dt. Topmanager

Capital can be raised, factories can be built, people you have to attract.

Hans Christoph von Rohr, German top manager

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