Working Environment

Efficient organizational structures and information systems, continuous training and qualification programs strengthen competences, motivation and team spirit of the employees and ensure that everyone is engaged in the further enhancement of the quality and environment management systems. Employees who are comfortable in their working environment will identify with the company and their responsibilities and will show greater commitment and loyalty towards the company.

I am switching between departments which makes my job very interesting and challenging. The company is supporting me by on-the-job training to keep pace with changing demands.

Katrin Krüger, Leadman Etching/Measuring

Internal Suggestion Scheme and Active Participation

As part of our innovative corporate culture, we have implemented an “Ideas Management System” which relies on the close cooperation of management and employees in generating new ideas to the benefit of the company. Our employees are proactively participating in the development of the company and their contribution is duly acknowledged.

Occupational Safety

The overall purpose of the company’s health and safety measures is to ensure the safety of all employees at work and to make their work easier wherever possible. The focus is on prevention to minimize working place-related accidents.
Furthermore, Freiberger is an active member of the Cross-Industry Initiative (CII), who is aimed at achieving better regulation when managing chemicals in the workplace. Visit the Cross-Industry Initiative page to find out more about how chemicals should be managed in the workplace

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Protection and promotion of our employees’ health is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Freiberger provides an annual “Health Day” for employees to actively improve their health. The company has appointed a team to support employees during longer sick leaves and foster their occupational rehabilitation.

Ethics in the Supply Chain

Our selection of suppliers actively supports the implementation of and compliance with ethic principles. Freiberger is observing all laws and regulations stipulating the import and export of goods, services and information and the processing of payment transactions.