Our Way of Continuous Improvement Quality

1. Objective and Approach: We set for ourselves corporate goals on our path to achieving sustainable success (mission). From these goals local objectives are derived for every department, which enable us to achieve the corporate goals. The departments plan their processes according to the set objectives.

2. Execution: Each department executes its processes in accordance with prepared standards with the aim to achieve their defined objectives.

3. Review: All departments and levels continuously review the achieved results relative to the defined objectives. In case of deviations a root-cause analysis is initiated.

4. Development and Improvement: Based on the results of the root-cause analysis, each department defines measures to improve the processes so that the objectives will be achieved or exceeded.

5. Knowledge Management: The continuous improvement is ensured by: preserving the obtained knowledge, making this knowledge available to all employees, qualifying all employees to act for the purpose of continuous improvement.

6. Leadership Culture: Our management is continuously enhancing this culture and supports the employees to solve problems for the benefit of the company, its customers and the environment.

7. Mission: We develop, manufacture and market high quality substrates for the compound semiconductor industry. It is our aim to comply in every respect with the requirements and wishes of our customers by providing top-quality products and excellent service. Our guiding principle for all business processes is „Reliability, flexibility and creativity at all times and in all cases”. We strive to be at the leading edge of technology by setting trends and developing growth opportunities.

Environmental awareness and ecological sustainability are the main factors that determine our conduct of business. Closeness and confidence, constructiveness, loyalty and continuity are the basis of our relationships with customers, suppliers and the research community.